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DOLPHIN TALE VIDEO SLOT - 5 Reels - 40 Paylines - UNIQUE

Down under, the waters are kept safe and sound as Bobby the Rookie Dolphin patrols. As one of the most intelligent of all mammals, he will substitute for all other symbols other than the "Spy Clam Scatter" as well as add rewards to your payline bet. The Spy Clam Scatter also plays a fair deal, and with three or more you are hushed into a bonus screen where you can choose any one of their five culprits to reward you with up to twenty five spins and/or twenty times multipliers. Just to add to your delight, a second substitute Wild symbol feature floats in from time to time on reels two,three or four to substitute for one symbol per reel during the free spin feature only.

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Dolphin Tale Game

Background to the Dolphin Tale video slot

Dolphins are mammals, not fish. They are warm blooded like man, and give birth to one baby called a calf at a time. Dolphins are extremely sociable to a point of interacting with other pods from time to time. Females are likely to stay within the family pod with their mother and sisters, though males will leave and form associations with other males. Dolphins have defined home ranges, an area in which they will roam and feed. They may either hunt alone, or together as a pod. They use their echolocation (sonar system) to locate fish by sending out a stream of pulses and clicks. Dolphins communicate with each other by whistling or body language.

Free Spins Payscreen 1
Dolphin Tale Free Spins Feature   Dolphin Tale Payscreen 1

Slot Guide

Theme - Undersea Adventure
Reels - 5 Reels
Paylines - 40 Paylines
Coin Sizes - 0.01; 0.02; 0.05; 0.10; 0.20; 0.25
Coins per Payline - 1 to 5
Highest Pay - 15 000
Maximum Jackpot - 3 000 x 5 coins per line = 15 000 coins in base game; 3 000 x 5 coins per line x 20 (multiplier) = 300 000 coins in Free Spin Game
Wild Symbol - Yes
Scatter Symbol - Yes
Free Spins - Yes
Feature - Yes (Free spin selection)

Payscreen 2 Payscreen 3
Dolphin Tale Payscreen 2   Dolphin Tale Payscreen 3

Payline Guide

Rookie Dolphin - 3000 times 5 coins per line
Sea Dog - 1000 times 5 coins per line
Merl the Octopus - 500 times 5 coins per line
Karl the Turtle - 300 times 5 coins per line
Lucile Fish - 200 times 5 coins per line
Shrimp - 150 times 5 coins per line
Undersea Casino - 100 times 5 coins per line
Undersea Bank - 80 times 5 coins per line
Undersea Police Station - 70 times 5 coins per line
Shell Motel - 60 times 5 coins per line
Undersea Saloon - 50 times 5 coins per line
Spy Clam Scatter - 50 times 5 coins per line
Undersea Diner - 40 times 5 coins per line

Dolphin Tale Video Slot Summary

A delightful video slot that takes you into a wonderland with a difference. The graphics are cute and very colorful with great rewards.