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The worriers left this village many moons ago to go and seek the Chiefs Fortune. Fortunately they found it and have brought it back to be able to share it with their immediate community and all the players who play this 3 reel slot game with one payout line.

Microsoft brings you this exciting game that has two levels, expert and player, plus you can bet one, bet two or bet three – depending on what you would like to win. The chief is happy to share his fortune with you, are you brave enough to spin for it.

But that is not all. This game has a little extra. Collect all the magic arrows and you will be taken to a secret location for your bonus game. In this bonus game you have to dress the Chief. Get it all together and watch your bank roll expand considerably.

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Chiefs Fortune Game

Slot Guide

Reels - 3
Paylines - 1
Coin Sizes (casino sets) - $1 up to $1
Coins Per Payline – 3
Betting Range - $1 up to $3
Highest Pay – 2 000 Coins
Max Cash Payout - $2 000
Progressive - No
Wild Symbol - No
Multiplier Symbol - Yes
Scatter Symbol – No
Bonus – Yes
Gamble – No

Payline Guide

Any 3 x Bars - 1x or 2x coins
3 x single Bars - 5x, 10x or 15x coins
3 x double Bars - 20x, 40x or 65x coins
3 x triple Bars - 40x, 80x or 120x coins
3 x 7’s - 80x, 160x or 240x coins
3 x Chief Symbol - 200x, 400x or 600x coins
3 x Chiefs - 500x, 1 000x or 2 000x coins