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PARTY LINE VIDEO SLOT - 3 Reels - 1 Payline

It is Party Time all night and day long at this Playtech 3 reel slot game with one payout line and it is available 24/7

The Balloons are out, the cocktails are mixed, and the bars are open. The glasses are ready with yellow, turquoise and red drinks, the radio is blaring with music that has a strong keyboard tone to it. The saxophone comes in strong every now and again but it is the party hats that is truly getting this party started.

Get a couple of matching symbols on the payout line and you will definitely start earning some well earned money if you bet once or twice, but bet three times and the money will certainly start flowing your way.

Get in the mood, get aboard the Party Line and join us in this fantastic classical slot game that will certainly keep you entertained for hours on end.

Casino Tropez

Party Line Slot by Platech


Slot Guide

Reels: 3
Pay lines: 1
Amounts Accepted: $0.05 – $5.00
Betting Range:$0.05 to $15.00
Jackpot coins 4000 coins
Jackpot: $20 000
Coins Per Pay Line:3
Progressive: No
Wild Symbol: No
Scatter Symbol:No
Multiplier Symbol:No
Bonus Game: No
Free Spins: No

Pay line Guide

3 x cocktail drinks (any) - 5x, 10x or 15x coins
3 x cocktail drinks (yellow) - 20x, 40x or 60x coins
3 x cocktail drinks (Turquoise) - 40x, 80x or 120x coins
3 x cocktail drinks (Red) - 60x, 120x or 180x coins
3 x Keyboard - 250x, 500x or 750x coins
3 x Saxophone - 500x, 1000x or 1500x coins
3 x Party Hats - 1200x, 2400x or 4000x coins