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Come along with us and Playtech and lets visit the Tomb of the Pharaoh where there are mysterious treasures just waiting to be won at this 3 reel slot game that has only one payout line.

The scarabs are scurrying all over the reels here while the Eye of Horus looks on. Tutankhamen is in this mix together with the much revered Bastet Cat who was in its time known as a god. The Sphinx are keeping guard outside the Pyramids, so tread carefully and you may just get past them and be able to lay your hands on all the loot that is inside the Tomb of the Pharaoh.

This is definitely one of the more classic games, as this game comes with no frill or fancies. This game was designed to satisfy the player who enjoys their traditional slot games, so if your preference is a slot game that is totally uncomplicated, then come along and enjoy this 3 reel slot game.

Casino Tropez

Tomb of the Pharaoh


Slot Guide

Reels: 3
Pay lines: 1
Amounts Accepted: $0.05 – $5.00
Betting Range:$0.05 to $15.00
Jackpot coins 1000 coins
Jackpot: $5 000
Coins Per Pay Line:3
Progressive: No
Wild Symbol: No
Scatter Symbol:No
Multiplier Symbol:No
Bonus Game: No
Free Spins: No

Pay line Guide

1 x Eye of Horus - 2x, 4x 6x coins
2 x Eye of Horus - 5x, 10x or 15x coins
3 x Eye of Horus - 25x, 50x or 75x coins
3 x Scarabs - 25x, 50x or 75x coins
3 x Tutankhamen Heads - 50x, 100x or 150x coins
3 x Bastet cat Statue - 100x, 200x or 300x coins
3 x Sphinx - 200x, 400 or 600x coins
3 x Pyramids - 400x, 800x or 1000x coins