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TRIPLE PROFITS VIDEO SLOT - 3 Reels - 3 Paylines

Do you like the sound of money running into your online account, then stop right here and have a look at this 3 reels slot game with 3 payout lines that Playtech has brought to you called Triple Profits.

This game is not for the person who just enjoys the normal classic 3 reel game, this game is for the more adventurous, the gamer who likes a bit of spice in their games and the gamer who is not satisfied with double profit, but want to have Triple Profits.

Rewards start off with obtaining 1 x stack of gold ingots on any of the payout lines. It then progresses to 2 x stacks of gold ingots and carries on offering you rewards when you get 3 x scales, safes, calculators, money bags and Dollar symbols in blue, Green and Red and ends of with 3 x stack of gold ingots which will pay you out 1000 your stacked bet.

But this game has one extra feature. The gold ingots are also wild, so they will also replace any other symbol on any payout line so that you get the highest possible payout.

So if just the sound of Triple Profits gets your blood pumping, don’t miss out on this truly awesome online 3 reels slot game.

Casino Tropez

Triple Profits 3 x 3 by Playtech


Slot Guide

Reels: 3
Pay lines: 3
Currencies accepted: Pound, Euro and US Dollar
Amounts Accepted: $0.01 – $75.00
Betting Range: $0.01 to $5.00
Jackpot: £/€/$25,000
Coins Per Pay Line: 5
Max Bet: $25.00
Progressive: No
Wild Symbol: Yes
Scatter Symbol: No
Multiplier Symbol: No
Max Bet: 15 coins
Default Coin amount: $1.00
Bonus Game: Yes
Free Spins: No

Pay line Guide

2 x Gold Ingots - 2x coins
3 x Gold Ingots - 5x coins
3 x Scale/Safe/Calculator (any) - 2x coins
3 x Scales - 5x coins
3 x Calculators - 10x coins
3 x Safes - 15x coins
3 x Blue Money Bags - 20x coins
3 x Green Money Bags - 35x coins
3 x Red Money Bags - 50x coins
3 x Dollar Symbols Blue/Green/Red - 15x coins
3 x Dollar Symbols Blue - 50x coins
3 x Dollar Symbols Green - 75x coins
3 x Dollar Symbols Red - 100x coins
3 x Gold Ingots (WILD) - 1000x coins